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Using Smart Thermostats in Summit County

by Kelly Vowel, February, 2014

Smart thermostats: Modern technology saves you money!

Many smart thermostat owners report savings of between $10 and $30 per month on their heating/cooling bills — they can save over 10 percent of the total energy consumed by their household. Smart thermostats cost between $50 to $250, so upgrading could pay for itself within a year or two at most, with long-term savings racking up month-by-month after that.

  • Programming in a weekly schedule to any smart thermostat will be the main source of cost and energy savings
  • Many utilities now offer free or discounted smart thermostats to customers
  • Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, to heat up or cool down the house at a set schedule or go into “away” mode from any web browser or smart phone.
  • Installation process for Smart Thermostats in Summit County is easy and cost effective. And !remember we offer a two year guarantee
  • Call us today for a Smart Thermostat installation estimate!


Two Year Warranty

Effectively Immediately Vowel Plumbing and Heating is extending its standard warranty on materials, labor and workmanship to TWO full years from date of installation.  That's twice the normal industry average and 730 days longer then some!

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