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Vowel Plumbing has over 30 years of experience installing, servicing, and replacing furnaces in Summit County, Colorado. Residential and Commercial service contracts

What you should know about furnaces:

80% furnaces vs. 90%+ furnaces

This refers to the combustion rating or energy efficiency of the appliance.   90%+  furnaces are more energy efficient thereby reducing your utility bill.   All 90%+ furnaces are sealed combustion and condensing, that means they produce condensation (moisture) during the burn cycle. You will need a floor drain or condensate pump to run off the condensation.

Variable speed furnaces

This refers to the internal blower speed. Variable speed blowers increase or decrease the motor RPMs to match heating load requirements. A non-variable speed blower has one fixed speed. A variable speed blower allows the blower to accelerate or decelerate the blower speed to match the heating load. On a mild day, the blower may run at 50% speed, thereby producing a softer, quieter air flow. This feature can extend the life of the blower motor, enhance operating efficiency, comfort level and air quality since the air is constantly moving and being filtered.

Single stage vs. 2 stage

This term refers to the burner function and is directly tied to operating efficiency. Single stage burners are either on full throttle or off.  Two stage burners have a high and low fire setting. Two stage burners always start on low fire or stage one. If the heating load is not met within a few minutes , stage two or high fire is activated until the return air temperatures increase to a predetermined level, then the burner will be reduced back to the stage one level. All heating equipment is sized and designed to provide comfort on the coldest days of the year. 90% of the time, the outside air temperatures are above the coldest design temperatures, thereby rendering the furnace oversized.

The 2 stage burner compensates for the oversizing by allowing the unit to first run at a reduced level resulting in less gas consumption.

We service, and install ALL types and brands of furnaces

Which unit is best for you?  Lots of variables will determine this: the age of your home, the type of existing system and whether you are full time occupant or if this is a home vacation home, used only part of the year. There’s no “one answer for all”.  Many older inefficient systems can be updated to modern comfortable energy efficient units.

Call us today, we will come to your home, provide a full evaluation of your heating needs and make the appropriate recommendation to meet your budget, your home needs and personal comforts.

Most importantly, when you chose VOWEL, you can rest assured you are working with high quality craftsmanship and master level product education to help you make the right decision. That’s the VOWEL VANTAGE!

Two Year Warranty

Effectively Immediately Vowel Plumbing and Heating is extending its standard warranty on materials, labor and workmanship to TWO full years from date of installation.  That's twice the normal industry average and 730 days longer then some!

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